A2 litter

Lasse is a 5 year old nice Norwegian male. He is of good size and he's got a lovely head and gorgeous coat. Read more about Lasse here >>   Enya is a speedy agility girl of 3 years. She has a lovely temperament, social and very cuddly. Nice feminine size with good proportions and beautiful coat. Read more about Enya here >>

Puppy diary
Today Enzo (Milvest Absolutely Awesome) has moved to his new home in Boden. We wish the family Korpiniemi good luck with their new family member!

6 weeks old and a really handsome guy already! Today he has been washed and groomed a bit. This guy is still available, just get in touch!

He's now 5 weeks, and is a really cozy guy who loves to run around. Premiere stay outdoors became a given success on Midsummer Eve. Sure, the grass was a little scary for a while, but soon it was full speed with no worries. This guy is a real treat to whom we have high hopes for :-)

Yesterday Enzo moved out of our bedroom and into the livingroom. Quite nice to get a good undisturbed night's sleep :-)

Now Enzo's 3 weeks and have had his first taste portion of solid food which he liked very much. He even took a little walk on the hall floor before he passed out in the whelping box of all the new impressions.

The world's coolest and coziest kerry guy weighs (just over 2 weeks old) 1008 g today.

Enzo, that is what we have named the puppy, is growing well. Today he has doubled his birth weight and he now weighs 714 g.

Now our first kerry litter is born! Enya gave birth to one male puppy, weight 355 g. Mother and son is doing well.

Today is Enyas 63:rd day of her pregnancy. But nothing seemes to be going on, yet...


Enya has been to a ultrasonic examination, and it has been determined that she's expecting puppies.

Liking arises between Lasse and Enya and hopefully we can see the result of it in May...

Enya and Lasse meet for the first time.

We start the journey to Enyas proposed.

Enya comes into heat.

Enzo 6 weeks

Enzo 6 weeks

Enzo 5 weeks

Enzo 3,5 weeks

"Enzo" 3 weeks

"Enzo" 1 week old.