C.I.B Milvest Calrohir

Camacha Fenella (CK, BB3)

3 males and 2 females

14 of February - Valentine's Day!

Turbo is a super nice dog with a lot of playfulness and speed. He has a wonderful coat and great pigmentation. He loves everything and everyone!

Stella is our Dutch lady who is a really cozy and cuddly girl. She is curious and loves to work. She can also be quite a "couch

2015-01-21 Tomorrow the puppies are 5 weeks old and they now eat puppy food three times a day. You begin to distinguish their personalities, and it happens a lot in their development day by day.
2015-01-09 Mission "Reclaim the bedroom" accomplished! The puppies have now moved into the living room - finally a full night's sleep to look forward to :-)

2015-01-07 The puppies are now 20 days old and during the weekend they all opened their eyes. They are now starting to get up and walk around on wobbly legs which is fun to see. Shortly there will be individual pictures of them all.

Coming weekend they will move out of the bedroom into the living room. It will be nice to finally get a full night of undisturbed sleep :-)

2015-01-01 Now, New Year's Eve has passed and Stella was almost unaffected by the fireworks. Nice that it is over for this time.

2014-12-28 Today the puppies are 10 days old and they have more than doubled their birth weight. The biggest boy (green) weighed 348 g when he was born, now he weighs 906 g. The first-born girl (orange) weighed 247 at borth, but is now up to 723 g.

Stella is a very patient mother who does not like to lie elsewhere than with the pups, which means that they have free access to the dining table :-)
2014-12-18 Today Milvest E-litter was born, 3 males and two females. Stella was really good and everyone is just fine.

Whelping started just after 8 in the morning and after lunch everyone was out.

2014-12-13 Today is Lucia and Stella is in day 60. She is now 60 cm around her waist... waiting with anticipation.

2014-12-05 Stella is in day 52 and she is now 55,5 cm around her waist. Just 11 days left...

2014-11-18 Today, the vet found out that Stella is expecting puppies! At least five small ones was seen at the ultrasound.

2014-10-15 Turbo and Stella have had a little rendezvous in our garden. Now we just have to keep your fingers crossed and wait a few weeks to see if there will be any puppies right before Christmas...