Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue is today primarily a mere pet. It is an active, medium sized dog who are doing well with activities in their lives such as obedience training and agility. It loves children and works well in families with children as long as you do not let it be a toy.

Since they are more than happy to keep up on all that fun, it is important that during part of the day they have the opportunity to rest in peace, otherwise it could easily get stressed. Even inexperienced dog owners can venture upon this breed as long as they understand that this is a lively and relatively time-consuming breed.

It is important to initially show who is in charge, since it will happily tests the leadership when it comes up in puberty. The breed was formerly a much tougher temperament and has long been characterized by a reputation for being difficult. Today Kerry Blue is much more social and easy to handle.

The Kerrys origin and their use has been critical of its ways. It is a robust dog, intelligent and cooperative, harmonious and happy. It should be brave without being foolhardy, to guard home and family without scaring away your friends and acquaintances. It has more or less developed hunting instinct but like other terriers the most interested and suited for pot hunting and as rat hunters.

Anyone who acquires a Kerry Blue find themselves in almost constant physical contact with his dog. Kerryn wants to be near! Friends that come visit may be faced with many wet kisses and cuddling on the couch before Kerryn is satisfied and goes to bed.

The kerry has a soft and silky hair that does not shed. It should be bathed at least once a month and it eliminates the need for dog odor. Many, but not all, allergic people can withstand this breed.

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Soon to bee 4 month old kerry puppy

Kerryn is an active breed