The history of Milvest kennel        

Milvest kennel is runned by me, Maria Näslund and my husband Stefan. We live in Kallviken just outside Luleå, way up in the North of Sweden, with our youngest son, the wheatens and a kerry blue.

I'm trained as ring secretary and work at shows around the county. I have also been working as webmaster for Övre Norra Terrier Club for a couple of years. Stefan is engaged within the mental sector at the local Working-dog Club.

We like to participate in dog shows which we think is pleasant affairs where we meet a lot of nice people with the same interest as one self. We also train some obediance and Stefan runs a little bit of agility. We think that fysical as well as mental training is important for our dogs well-being.

When we first decided to get a dog and found the Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier - we were stuck! These cosy dogs with wonderful temperament and soft and silky coat was just what we where looking for.

Recently, there has also been given room for the breed Kerry Blue. It is also a wonderful breed but it requires a bit more grooming.

We have a small quality breeding and we always save a puppy from each combination.

Our ambition is to breed sound, healthy and mentaly stable dogs in home environment - true to the Irish type and the FCI standard. We started with mixed wheaten lines, but because of the occurrence of diseases in these blood lines, we decided to continue our breeding strictly within the pure Irish lines.

Our litters are named after elf 's name because we feel they have a Celtic connection. And from there the step does not seem far to the breed's country of origin , Ireland.

Are you interested in a puppy from us, or just have questions regarding any of the breeds? Do not hesitate to contact us!

A warm welcome to us at Milvest kennel!