Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier

The Wheaten terrier is a midsized and compact dog. It's known as a sound and healthy, courageous and playful, with an energy and vitality that has no boundaries, is curious and always willing to be "where it happens". It's known as a very intelligent dog, soft and friendly, true to its owner.

The Wheaten terrier is however also a dog with a great self-confidence and a will of its own. It willingly defend itself and seldom miss a provocation to a fight, even if its not out to start the fight. A Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier is just what the name tells you - a TERRIER! To make the Wheaten terrier the lovely dog it can be, one must, as a owner possess the ability to show "who's the man of the house", friendly but definite!

The name of the race accentuate the quality of the coat as silky and soft. The coat undergo constant transition from the puppies sometimes harsh coat to the mature dogs silky, shimmery, loose curls or wavy wheaten coloured coats. The colour can vary from shimmery silver to gold.

A Wheaten terriers coat demands constant caring, under the dogs whole life. If you're not prepared to put down a great deal of time and engagement in the coat care, then it's better to get a dog of another breed that's more easy to care for.

Within the breed there is a lot of dogs with a different coat texture that is dull, thick, woolly and cottony textured hair. These coats are eliminating faults according to the breed standard.

Typical young bitch and male

Correct, adult wavy and wheaten coloured coat