D-litter, 5+5





GoForIt Danny Devito

Doireann Milvest Wheaten Darling
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Danny is a nice and cooperative male of nearly three years. He is Swedish and Danish champion and he has a known mental status. He is also a working dog that is Swedish tracking champion. Hips B/B, elbows without remark.

Nova is a charming girl of about five years. She is Swedish and Finnish Champion. She has lots of energy and has been training both obedience and agility. Nova is imported from the Czech Republic. Hips A/A, eyes checked clear.


2011-01-20 After a few successful escapes from the whelping box, we took the decision today to let the puppies move out from the bedroom (wow, finally a full night's sleep...). Now they live in the new puppy playpen in the living room. Tomorrow they will be 3 weeks.

2011-01-14 Now the pups are 2 weeks old and they have started to walk around. They have begun opening their eyes and I suspect they will soon figure out how to climb out of the whelping box...

Next week we will move the puppies in the living room so they get more space to move around. After that, it might be time to receive visitors - welcome!

2011-01-06 The puppies grow with each passing day. Tomorrow they are already one week old, that means that it's just about a week away before they start to open their eyes - I can hardly wait!

2011-01-01 Now the puppies spent their first night outside their mother's womb. Nova takes good care of all her puppies. Despite this, I didn't got a wink of sleep all night ... :-)

2010-12-31 Now the puppies has arrived! It became 5 males and 5 females. Mother and babies is doing fine. Happy New Year!

2010-12-30 Today Nova is in her 63:rd gestation day and this should be the D-day... She is now quite round - a full 67 cm around the waist! Yet, she is quite calm but looking much for support. Her temp has been down to 36.2 degrees C, so we'll see if it will soon start happening something in the whelping box...

2010-11-29 Todays ultrasould showed that Nova is expecting puppies! Now we just have to wait for the day before New Year to see what's coming... Puppy delivery at the winter holiday 2011 (approx. week 8).

2010-11-06 Danny has become Danish Champion - congratulations to his breeder!

2010-10-28 After a long journey for two days Nova and Danny met. Opinion arose, and after 10 minutes of acquaintance with each other the maiting was a fact. Now we just have to wait a couple weeks and see if the meeting was fruitful.

2010-10-15 Today Nova has come into heat.

Freshly washed Nova with all ten hungry puppies.

Sleeping puppy pile.



They are very active and are walking around.

Making a "sleeping pile".

Two of the females snuggling with the other siblings.

The black male sleeping.


One of the females.

One of the males.

All of the D-litter.

~ ONE DAY OLD 2011-01-01 ~

All ten of the puppies, New Years day 2011

Nova and D-litter, New Years day 2011


Nova at Christmas eve 2010