News from 2004 until 2015

Year 2015

Cindie and Turbos puppies is born! There were five puppies, one male and four females. Read more here>>

Turbo and Cindie is expecting puppies!
Now it is established via ultrasound! Expected birth week 39.

Today, our beautiful and wonderful "Totte", Mac Dara Hot-Shot 14 years old, left mortality and walked across the Rainbow Bridge. Now he's playing with Isa on the evergreen meadows.

2015-08-12 Happy 8th birthday to our B-litter!

A first love meeting took place between Irish Rover's Keavy "Cindie" and Milvest Calrohir "Turbo"<3

Happy birthday to Enzo, 2 years today.

Happy 11th birthday to our A-litter!

Happy birthday to Enya - 5 years today.

Time for our E-litter to move from home <3

Happy 8th birthday to Zelda!


Cindie with her puppies

Totte b 2001-07-17 +2015-08-27

E-litter 8 weeks

Year 2014

Today Milvest E-lutter was born! Read more about it here >>

Puppies expected by Stella and Turbo! The ultrasound showed at least 5 puppies. Date of birth estimated the week before Christmas. Intrerested? Welcome to contact us!

Stella (Camacha Fenella) and Turbo (Milvest Calrohir) has been mated! Now we just have to wait and see if there will be puppies at Christmas.

National show in Sjulnäs. Turbo (C.I.B Milvest Calrohir) became BOB before judge Charlotta Mellin, Sweden. What a lovely day!

Hipp- Hipp-Horray for our A litter - 10 years today! Happy birthday to Izor, Milos, Gaston, Axa and Sally!

2014-02-25 This afternoon our very first wheaten Isa left earth life. In September she would have turned 14 years. Rest in peace beautiful Isa!

Congratulations to Enya on her 4th birtday!

Happy birthday Zelda 7 years today.

Isa February 2013

Year 2013
2013-10-12 National terrier show in Njurrunda, Sundsvall. Enya (Ch Geijes Enjoyable Emily) became BOB before judge Karl-Erik Johansson and Turbo (C.I.B Milvest Calrohir) became BOS before judge Charlotta Mellin - well worth celebrating!

International show in Harstad, Norway. Turbo (Milvest Calrohir) earned another three titles - Norwegian, Nordic and International champion! Judge: Carl-Gunnar Stafberg. We are so happy and proud of our beautiful Turbo!

Happy birthday to our old male Totte - 12 years today!

Today Enzo (Milvest Absolutely Awesome) has moved to his new home in Boden. We wish the family Korpiniemi good luck with their new family member!

International dogshow in Sjulnäs, Piteå. Turbo (Milvest Calrohir) BOB with CACIB, later BIG-3! Judge: Ann Ingram, Ireland. What a day!

Happy birthday Stella, 2 years!

Our first kerry has been born! Enya got one male puppy.

Kerry litter expected i May!

Happy birthday to A litter - 9 years today!

Congratulations to Enya - 3 years today!

Happy birthday Zelda on your 6th birthday.

Turbo BOB in Sjulnäs 7 July

Enya and her puppy

Year 2012

Year 2011
Congratulations to the D-litter on their 1 year birthday!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our Turbo and all his siblings in the C-litter who turns 3 years today!

Great news! Turbo (Milvest Calrohir) has moved back to our house!

Congratulations to our grand old lady Isa on her 11th birthday!

Stefan has been to Holland and brought home our new little wheaten girl Stella (Camacha Fenella). Thanks Rob and Monique for this nice contribution!

National Terrier Club show at Brukstorpet in Piteå. Enya (Geijes Enjoyable Emily) became BOB and got her 4:th CAC. Judge: Ulla Lethenström.

Congratulations to our B-litter that turns 4 years today - HIPP HIPP HURRAY!!!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our old Totte who turns 10 years today!

International dogshow in Sjulnäs, Piteå. Enya was placed BB2 with CAC and R-CACIB. Judge: Leyda Bonilla Perez, Colombia.

National dogshow in Österbybruk. Enya (Geijes Enjoyable Emily) was placed BB2 with CAC. Winn did her half-sister Chelsea. Judge: Mia Sandgren.

National dogshow in Överkalix. Milvest Calrohir "Turbo" became Best of Breed and got his first CAC, Geijes Enjoyable Emily "Enya" also became Best of Breed and got his first CAC. Judge: Nenne Runsten. What a great day!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our beloved Nova on her 6th birthday!

Our A-litter 7 years today - congratulations!

Our little Enya turns 1 year!

Happy birthday Zelda, 4 years!

Stella 9 weeks

Turbo BOB in Överkalix 2011-05-15

Enya BOB in Överkalix 2011-05-15

Year 2010

Year 2009
2009-12-09 Congratulations to our C-litter on their 1 year birthday!

Breed Special at Öland. Our little Milvest Chimaera became BOS-puppy 7-9 months, Mac Dara Hot-Shot was BIS-veteran and Doireann Milvest Wheaten Darling was placed 5th best bitch. Judge: Frank Barry, Ireland.

National show at Öland. Our own bred Milvest Chimaera became BOS-puppy. Judge: Noreen Harris, Ireland. Our Mac Dara Hot-Shot was placed BOB-veteran before the judge Dominic Harris, Ireland.

International show in Piteå. Our own bred Hera (Milvest Chimaera) became BOB-puppy. Judge: Ingela Nilsson.

International dog show in Rovaniemi, Finland. Nova was placed BB-1 with cac, cacib - finally... FINNISH CHAMPION! Judge for the day was Laura Cox, Ireland.

CONGRATULATIONS to Zelda on her 2 year birthday!

Hera BOB puppy.

Year 2008
2008-12-09 Our C-litter is born!

Nova is expecting puppies! Read more under Puppies

Nova has been mated! Read more under Puppies

International ushow in Torneå, Finland. Nova became BB-3 with another reserve-CAC... Sally got excellent but didn't make it to BB. Milos and Izor just got red ribbons this day.

International show in Rovaniemi, Finland. The Milvest-dogs got fine placements; Izor became BM-2 with CAC and Milos BM-4. Our Nova became BB-3 with reserve-CAC. Sally also got CK but was not placed in BB.

2008-03-29 Tindra made her show-debut in the show-ring and became BOS-puppy at a non-official show.

2008-03-12 Congratulations to the A-litter at your 4th bithday!

Izor BM-2 with CAC in Rovaniemi, Finland June 2008

Year 2007
2007-08-12 Milvest B-litter is born under Gladövik's Boy and Doireann Milvest Wheaten Darling. The result was five beautiful puppies, two males and three females.

2007-07-17 Our male Totte becomes 6 years! Congratulations to our beautiful "old-guy"!

2007-07-11 We're expecting puppies!

2007-07-08 National Terrier-show in Skellefteå. Zelda became BOB-puppie 6-9 monts today also!

2007-07-06 Wheatenspecial, Norrlands Guld in Piteå. Nova was placed as best bitch and became BOS. Little Zelda became BOB-puppie 6-9 months and this att her absolute first show! Milvest Amilion was placed as BM-3 - congratulations once again to Milos & Maria!

2007-07-01 International dog-show in Gällivare.
Nova was placed as BB-2 with CACIB and our self-bred Milvest Amilion became BIM with CAC and CACIB - Congratulations to Milos and Maria! At the same show Milvest Astraea became BT-4 with R-CACIB and Milvest Artemis was placed as 4:th in his class - congratulations also to the handler Madde and the owners Ingela and Mona!

2007-02-18 We can now proudly present our latest addition in our kennel - Geijes Zelda. Thank you Aya for the confidence!

Nova BOS at Norrlands Guld 2007

Zelda 8 weeks

Year 2006
2006-07-30 International show in Mikkeli, Finland. Totte was placed as 2:nd best male with CACIB so now he's also International Champion - JIHAAA! Nova was placed as 3:rd best bitch with CAC - and she's just 14 months old! Judge for the day was Harri Lehkonen. WHAT A SUMMER!

National show in Kotka, Finland. Completely unbelievable;Totte became BOB at this show also! Nova was placed as 3:rd best bitch with reserve-CAC for the irish judge mrs Maudie Burke.

2006-07-28 Nova's hips has been x-rayed A/A and her eyes has also been checked - all clear

2006-07-23 National show in Kemi, Finland. Totte has done it again! This day he became BOB and he finally got his Finnish championship. Our little Nova made her Finnish debute. She became BOS with CAC - WHAT A DAY!!!

2006-07-09 Terrierclub-show in Sjulnäs, Piteå. Totte became second best male. Milvest Amilion (Milos) got a CK (certificate quality) and was placed as third best male, after his father! Milvest Astraea (Sally) also got CK, but unfortunately she wasn't placed in best bitch class. A big CONGRATULATION to the owners to these great looking dogs - we're very proud of you!

2006-07-08 International show in Piteå. Totte became BOB with CACIB. This was before a Irish judge named Mrs Kathy Delmar. Nova had to settle with winning her own class with a honour price, this day.

2006-06-18 Wheaten-special, Norrlandsguld 2006 at Vännäs, up in the north of Sweden, judge: Annki Nilsson. Our male Totte, Mac Dara Hot-Shot, became Best In Show! As if this wasn't enough our new star Nova, Doireann Milvest Wheaten Darling, became junior Best In Show and was placed as 2:nd best bitch - what a wonderful day!!!

2006-06-18 International show at Vännäs. Totte was placed as 2:nd best male with R-CACIB. Nova got a Certificate Quality (CK) at this, her first, official show, with nice critique.

2006-03-12 A big CONGRATULATION to Milvest A-litter on their two year birthday!

2006-03-11 Nova have done her debute in the showring. She became BOB-puppy with nice critique. Milos from Milvest A-litter also became BOB with excellent critique.

Totte BOB in Kotka, Finland 2006

Totte BOB in Sjulnäs, Piteå 2006

Totte Best In Show Norrlands Guld 2006

Year 2005
2005-10-24 Totte has got his Norwegian CAC and he's now SUCH DKUCH NUCH NORDUCH Mac Dara Hot-Shot. He also became BOS with CACIB - JIHAAA!!!

Stefan collected our little Czech princess Nova from kennel Wheaten Darling.

Novas first night in Sweden

Year 2004
2004-08-28 The Wheatenspecial in Stockholm. Totte became Best In Show of 98 entered dogs with the following critique: Male of exellent type. Lovely head and expression. Exellent ears. Good neck and back. Well-angulated all around. Exellent coat. Exellent movements. Judge: Kickie Norrby, Sweden.

Dogshow in Vänersborg with the German judge Peter Machetanz. This day our male Totte became SUCH DKUCH and our female Isa became SUCH.

Milvest's A-litter was born after Totte and Isa. It resulted in 5 well-made puppies, 3 males and 2 females.
Totte Best in Show at the Wheatenspecial 2004